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Panama: From a Canadian learning Spanish in the city

I was there in January for a 4 week period, in class 4 hours/day plus some extra one-on-one.  Although I have studied Spanish on Rosetta Stone, this was my first classroom experience.  I am 59, a retired professional, and while working took some French language training (I live in Ottawa, Canada, officially a bilingual city).  Here are my observations:

  • This was the best language training I ever received.
  • Others at the school, who had taken Spanish elsewhere, said this was the best school they had been to.
  • The sessions were intense and sometimes frustrating, but well worth it.  This is a serious school, not an excuse for a holiday.
  • The school is located in an extremely convenient, middle class, area – many restaurants, grocery stores, etc.  The sidewalks are sometimes hard to navigate as there seems to be no municipal standards, other than that I felt perfectly safe.

Jack T., Ottawa, Canada

Would you prefer to learn Spanish in Canada or Panama?

Panama: From a Canadian learning Spanish in the city


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