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Brazilians learn Spanish in Panama at Spanish Panama Language School

The Spanish school I attend, (Spanish Panama) takes half of the first floor of a building. The classrooms that face the outside have big wide windows from ceiling to floor, which is really very cool, because we can see the trendy “Via Argentina” (it could well be “the trendy Via Brasil”, but they had to choose to establish themselves on “Via Argentina” rather than in Via Brazil, hey?) passing by and students can use many things in the view as examples for learning.

Anyway, the other day I was having my class in one of these classrooms with an excellent teacher they have. She not only is a great teacher from the technical point of view, as well as speaks 5 other languages, therefore understands much better what is going on in the student’s mind. Also, she is a pocket full of culture.

Spanish Classes with her are great. So, there we were, “hablando hablando”, when I pointed to something out on the street as an example and she turned to see what I was talking about. When she turned to see it, she also saw this man crossing the street and she says to me in Spanish:”there goes Demetrius, my Greek friend (who learned Spanish here with us at SpanishPanama). He is Head of a Department at Bristol University in England” to what I replied: “Wow, Bristol University? My older daughter is a Doctor from there and works there too”. She heard my reply and walks towards the window, opens it and in Greek calls him and invites him up and we had a wonderful friendly chat about it and about his research here in Panama. Of course, from ALL the universities in the world, he had to be from Bristol University in the UK, of course!

Taken from the blog of our Brazilian student Odila Braga
odilabraga.blogspot com

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