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About Spanish Panama: The Panama Spanish school:

About Spanish Panama: The Panama Spanish school:

As strange as it may seem I am not a winter-loving type and in the beginning was a thought of avoiding the hostile European winter. To travel trough Central America and improve my Spanish occurred to me during one sleepless rainy night. After doing a bit of research and dropping an email to all the Spanish schools out there, I really liked the answer and vibe I got back from Spanish Panama. Thus I decided to come here.

When travelling, experiencing new cultures and broadening one’s horizon, it’s all about people. Therefore I picked Spanish group study classes and booked a bed in a room with the idea to make new friends and hear other people’s stories as they pass by. Joseph added his bits and pieces, matched my expectations with perfect suggestions and I liked my stay even before landing in Panama. That was excellent.

That’s a bit of where I’m coming from and how I ended up at Via Argentina, El Cangrejo.

Concerning the classes, I enjoy a lot both my teachers, they seem to be a perfect pair, knowing about each others strong and weak sites and complementing one another. Jaime is a great actor too. The Spanish class is intense (thus the name Spanish Intensive Course), the grammar is really a mind-cracker for me, since I had never really formally studied Spanish and most is new. The material is easy to follow and a spot-on. The only part I really missed in the book is a vocabulary, and I expressed my thoughts to Joseph and Jaime. That seems to have been listened to, because we are now focusing much more on that part. Both Jaime and Isis also seem to understand quite well where our weak spots lie and adapt the classes accordingly.

If I had to decide again whether to come or not, I would certainly come again, both because of the friendly atmosphere around the school and for the people. I already feel that I improved a lot and I can’t wait to see how far I get during my two months in Panama.



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