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Spanish Lessons in Panama with a Homestay

Spanish Panama offers students a unique experience of a complete Spanish immersion program. Our immersion Spanish program includes Spanish Lessons in Panama, plus a homestay with our specially selected Panamanian host families in Panama City. Learn Spanish in Panama! Our Spanish school is the premier Spanish school in Panama and offers students of all ages an exciting opportunity to learn Spanish in Central Amerca.

Group Spanish Classes

group Spanish Language Classes + Homestay + Tour + Airport pickup (PTY) and transfer to Homestay accommodations

4 weeks $1740

3 weeks $1440

2 weeks $1100

1 week $650

1-1 Spanish Classes

1 on 1 private Spanish Language Classes + Homestay + Tour + Airport pickup (PTY) and transfer to Homestay accommodations

4 weeks $2150

3 weeks $1825

2 weeks $1450 

1 week $820


The Spanish Homestay programs include breakfast


Studying Spanish in Panama while staying in a homestay in Panama City is a much more economical alternative than spending your time in a hotel. As well as being a vital part of your Spanish language learning process, our Panama homestay choices are especially selected for their sensitivities to other cultures, as well as conversational skills, openness and friendliness.


Students staying in Panamanian homes progress quickly as hosts take a genuine interest in their guest’s Spanish language learning. Also, the student often finds him/herself included in local activities. As one student said, “My hosts were great. I had great opportunities to practice my Spanish and got to learn more about the local culture.”


Tailor-Made “1 on 1″ Spanish classes. – You can help us choose what times you want your Spanish classes and on what days. You have 16 hours each week so the usual choice is 4 hours of classes Monday to Thursday with Friday off. Students like more free time to explore Panama City and the country on long weekends.


**On the enrollment form please state any special needs you might have that would help us in selecting your host home. **           


All One-Month Spanish Immersion Programs include Spanish school tour to the Panama Canal, colonial city of Casco Antiguo, and arts and crafts market, Salsa Dance Classes, and Airport Pick-up at no additional cost.


Start planning your Spanish course


Our Panamanian cultural and Spanish learning vacation packages are tailor-made to suit your needs. 


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*Panama Tours and Eco tours are optional and there are extra charges for most of these. The famous Panama jungle and boat tour inlcudes lunch and is now only $120.00.

The Panama city tour is included in the intensive Spanish courses but you pay your own tickets and food charges.

Note on home stay: The idea of a homestay is not to have the host or SpanishPanama promise hotel or “5 Star” service. The host is not there to cater to touring needs nor is to be treated like a cook or maid. The homestay international student is really a guest in someone else’s home and must abide by the rules of that home. For example, no guests are allowed in without consent. The idea of a homestay experience is for the student to accept the homestay conditions and homestay culture as it isand not the opposite. Our homestay hosts are open minded and have experience with dealing with people from other countries but are notexpected to change to suit the guest’s whims. A student should think carefully to see if this suits him/her because in a cultural experience one has to accept the others’ culture and not expect the others culture to adapt to our convenience.