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"Panama, my new Home"

Special Orientation Package for Early Retirees and Newcomers.


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We'll do everything to take care of You


Example: We offer a one two or four week Survival Spanish course and Panama Orientation


  1. First Base we arrange hotel, homestay or hostel accomodations

  2. Panama City Orientation Introducing the best restaurants to eat at etc

  3. Panama City Culture Orientation Introducing, the culture, dancing, nightlife

  4. Panama City Financial Orientation introducing banks, opening an account and getting your plastic cards

  5. Panama Property and Real Estate Orientation we introduce 2 real estate agents and include a real estate tour (beaches, mountains, or city) & (apt, lot, or house)

  6. Panama Legal Orientation Introducing Panama Law basics we make 2 introductions to honest lawyers who will help them with all their needs.

  7. Panama Medical Services Orientation How to find a doctor and what to say doctors and Hospital Nacional or the new John Hopkins based on medical needs

  8. Free membership at power club gymnasium for their stay

  9. Panama Social Orientation introduction to foreign clubs such as historical soc., expatsexpat explorers, amer soc., can assoc. This could be done in

  10. What other special needs do you have?


  Yes we offer special Spanish classes and orientation for people coming to Panama for Early Retirement


Tel/Fax (00 +507) 213-3121 or 214 4914 


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