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Learn Spanish in Central America: Eco-Active Spanish Immersion Program

Do you want to Learn Spanish in Central America? If so, you have come to the right place. For more than 10 years, Spanish Panama has been offering first-class Spanish classes in Panama. Our carefully selected teachers are ready to work with all level of students. From absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced, there is a place for everyone in our Spanish classes in Panama. And our "Eco-Active" Spanish immersion program is a perfect choice for those who want to gain the real Panama experience. Don't wait. Contact us now and learn why our Spanish Panama is the best way to learn Spanish in Central America. 

Learn Spanish with M-F Spanish classes, "Eco Tours", Spanish Colonial & Cultural Immersion Program 

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  1. Airport pick-up and transfer to your place or Spanish Panama accommodation options  

  2. Welcome to Panama & Orientation to the neighborhood  

  3. Spanish classes Monday to Friday, 4 hours/day  

  4. "Full time" cultural activities & "Colonial discovery"  5 salsa dance classes 6 Eco tours including accommodations and meals and transportation to and from.

You will be pleasantly surprised that our Spanish classes in Panama are located in the best neighborhood of the modern, cosmopolitan, multicultural Panama city, and brings you right in the middle of the jungle witnessing varying species of monkeys and wildlife in an hour! Spanish Panama offers practical situations for you to learn Spanish in Central America. Our Spanish classes aim to improve your Spanish conversation provide a deeper insight into Panamanian culture. 

You will experience Panama starting from your arrival at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, Panama:

Airport Pickup at Tocumen Airport in Panama City and driving by Panama Viejo, the city that was burnt because of a pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, and should be remembered whenever you drink a rum and coke.   We will take you to your hotel, apartment, efficiency suite, homestay, or one of many other Spanish  Panama PARTNER ACCOMMODATION options that can be seen at

Spanish class times are from 8:30am to 12:30pm, Monday to Friday.  Spanish Classes are at Spanish Panama language school located in El Cangrejo, the center of Panama. Our Spanish classes are largely conversational, and include a mixture of grammar, listening, and writing and focus on practical Spanish experiences as it is needed to get around and as it is spoken in Panama. There is a corresponding 10 minute break with each hour of classes so that you may enjoy a coffee and meet fellow students in the balcony area social lounge over-looking the vibrant Panamanian street life of Via Argentina. You will surely find that our Spanish school provides students with the best way to learn Spanish in Central America.

*NOTE that on Friday your Spanish classes will be more informal. Class will be held in Panama City's famous UNESCO site, Casco Viejo, often referred to as Casco Antiguo or the Colonial City.  You will practice and learn Spanish in real life situations and in the midst of breathtaking Spanish and French colonial architecture.  The scenery is equally incredible as you will see ships lining up in the Pacific Ocean to enter the famous Panama Canal. 

There are three picturesque islands in the ocean (that you will soon visit) and you will learn how and why they got to be connected by road. You will see the Presidential Palace, and learn why this home is known for the beautiful herons that reside there.  Practice talking to the street peddlers with your teacher and learn what it means when they are screaming "BOLLO! BOLLO!…CALIENTITO-OO!" You will see young lovers and Kunas and friendly people and venture to speak the Spanish you learned in our Spanish classes in Panama. You will talk in Spanish to the sales staff in the artisan shops selling Molas, traditional paintings, weaved baskets, indigenous coconut art and cedar carvings, traditional attire, and Panama Hats. If you ever come back hungry for cheap and delicious fish and seafood don't forget to learn where the "Mercado Del Mariscos" is located. Casco Viejo is a lovely walkabout! You will be happy with your Spanish classes.

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Throughout your program there will be a constant plan of cultural activities or excursions.  *It is your responsibility to follow the schedule of activities posted at the school and always show up on time. Late comers may miss events with no refund.

Upon your arrival at Spanish Panama there will be an orientation to Panama and walking tour around the neighborhood of ElCangrejo to show you the important places and the diversity of restaurants, bakeries, cafes, cines, theaters, and nightlife.

*This friendly neighborhood is considered our very own language lab as you will be encouraged to practice the Spanish that you have learned in class meeting people in practical situations in the neighborhood.

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There will be salsa dance classes and Panamanian "Typico" Dancing as well as demonstration of indigenous dancing, an understanding of some misconceptions of indigenous culture, and indigenous body painting. Volunteer to get yourself painted!

Learn to cook Panamanian typical food. Learn what is Panamanian ceviche, arroz con leche, sancocho and/or tamales and how to cook these recipes using Spanish as it is spoken in the kitchen.

Panama cinema at the University of Panama; a cultural activity or talk on Panamanian music, literature, art, or poetry; OR learning Spanish through Karaoke using Latin and Panamanian songs. Talk about how Panama is perceived by Americans, Europeans, Canadians, and Asians.
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Pollera demonstration of Panama's and the world's most feminine dress from the 16th and 17th century Spain. Learn what "tembleques" are and see why Panamanian ladies are so proud to be dancing in this attire.

Spanish Panama will make the rounds of different bars and typical restaurants or international restaurants in order to experience the culinary specialties of our zone. If Panama has been an international port, commercial and banking center, and has attracted chefs from all over the globe for hundreds of years do you think the food is tasty?  (Consuming and entrance tickets are not included).

There's a trip to the famous Panama Canal and Causeway Amador. You will have a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, the entrance to the Panama Canal, and a view of a skyline sometimes referred to as "Panama Manhattan".

For the first time in second language learning history, Spanish Panama language school invites you to learn Spanish action- verbs, nouns, and phrases, through Latin dancing. Don't worry about your dancing skills as the goal is to have fun while you learn Spanish in Central America at our Spanish classes in Panama.

Every weekend there is a different incredible eco tour to a selected location; indigenous islands, jungle, that beautifuleco adventure town inside the volcano, or an island in the Pacific. Each eco tour includes accommodations in an overnight stay with "eco"-meals.