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Why not speak to our North American or European representative?

Spanish Panama language immersion school North American

(U.S. & Canada) Representative

– Carolyn Gorman is a former ESL teacher with Florida State University.
– “I have an M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), an elementary teaching certificate in Bilingual Education, & am currently the Coordinator for the Dual Language Program in Illinois.”

– She came to Panama, fell in love with Panama and a Panamanian, got married (see photo) , and has two beautiful children who, of course, speak Spanish and English today. … “All of this stemmed from learning Spanish in Panama”

– She is also Bilingual Coordinator (Spanish-English) for Harvard High School School District #50 1101 North Jefferson St. Harvard, Illinois

– email: Please leave your email address and phone number and Carolyn Villarreal will get back to you


Spanish Panama language immersion school European Representative

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why not speak to our European representative, Vojtech PJ Brtnik, located in Holland?

– PJ is our Dutch Representative and is a former student of Spanish Panama. He met lots of Spanish teachers and knows that it is good to have different teachers as it is always beneficial to experience different accents and teaching styles.

And if you are in Holland you may set up a meeting and talk to Pj about Panama and even travelling in Central America. He is informative, friendly, and smart.

He has traveled all over Panama and has a good knack for getting to the “bottom of things” very quckly in each part of Panama that he travels. Pj also learned enough Spanish to travel easily throughout Central America.

The Dutch phone number is 0683.5555.03, or in its international format it would read +31.683.5555.03.
Pj’s email is:


Pj at a Spanish Panama dance class learning salsa: