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SpanishPanama – Our Staff

Our Spanish Language teachers are multi-talented with unique abilities to partake in diverse activities
Spanish Language Teaching at SpanishPanama Language School

SpanishPanama Seminar

SpanishPanama Spanish language teachers learn from each other, sharing methodologies and student experiences.

SpanishPanama Spanish teachers are experienced, professional, warm, good-hearted and devoted to giving you the best Spanish instruction that Panama has to offer…

Our teachers are fun….and light-hearted




Teachers at SpanishPanama share and exchange student experiences and continue to study Spanish methodology in order to further improve their teaching skills.


Our teachers and our methodology                         

Our native speaking teachers are all experienced, certified, dedicated, interesting, educated and passionate about teaching Spanish. Our methodology is based on practice, role-playing and conversation. Our classes are very personalized, results oriented and they will help you reach your goal, if this is on a career or a personal purpose.



SpanishPanama is the most popular and experienced Spanish school in Panama City. Its foreign experience and Canadian quality training mean your own teachers will be better adapted to teaching Spanish cultural differences, the customs and ways of thinking of the  Panamanians – or somewhere else in Central or South America.

At SpanishPanama, we are much more personalized to cater to students’ particular needs and we have the best Teacher-student ratio in Panama in our Spanish courses, with a very high quality at less cost. Spanish class size is kept small. In some Spanish classes it is 1 to 1, or 2 to 1. In other Spanish classes there are only 3 to 4 students permitted in the Classroom. This is the best way to learn Spanish quickly, and to enjoy it.

The teachers open the door…but you have to let yourself in.


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            Meet Carmen Castillo, friendly administrator, at Spanish Panama