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Why Choose Spanish Panama Language School?

Why Choose Spanish Panama Language School? THE METHOD. Why we are the best


SpanishPanama offers a full immersion cultural experience while you learn Spanish
Spanish language classes focus on Spanish conversation practice, grammar, listening and writing skills, reading, and vocabulary. Spanish Panama’s personalized Spanish classes means that your Spanish learning is always assessed.

During the first classes the style in which a person learns Spanish is carefully weighed into account, as people do have varying abilities in learning visually, orally, reading and grammatically, tactilely and through movement. Some are comfortable enough to remain seated and others prefer a variety of Spanish lessons in outdoor settings such as in Panama’s commercial centers, the vegetable and fruit market, the pharmacy, the neighborhood park, or ordering food at a restaurant…

Therefore, you can be taken to the best possible next steps of advancement. The only obligation is for you to  enjoy your Spanish classes and your complimentary coffee.

With a wide range of skilled and experienced Spanish teachers we are expert in selecting, and sometimes mixing several teachers with a particular student or group of students. This successful option gets students exposed to a variety of different accents, teaching methodologies, personalities, and sources of information about Panama and Latin Culture. Of course, if the student prefers, he/she has the option to continue with the same teacher. 

We want you to keep something in mind about coming to Panama for a Spanish language immersion and cultural learning vacation: SpanishPanama teachers are not only intelligent, alert, professional; they are also genuinely kind-hearted, well-connected in Panama’s community, and will go out of the ordinary to accommodate student needs.







Below is a published article about SpanishPanama Spanish school by Eric Jackson journalist for “Panama News” :

Learn salsa dancing

at Spanish Panama

Why choose Spanish Panama Language School to learn Spanish? Truly learning Spanish is not just a transliteration of words. It’s an immersion into a culture. That’s why Spanish Panama, whose principal business is as a language school, also has cultural education, like their popular salsa dancing lessons.
social activities make up an important part of the SpanishPanama experience