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Opportunites: Spanish Teachers

SpanishPanama Language school provides unique opportunities for Spanish language teachers. We have students from all across the world, who come to Panama to study Spanish. Amongst the opportunities for Spanish language teachers, we provide an encouraging, friendly environment to teach, along with professional support and development.

 Se necesitan profesores de español para dictar clases de español a extranjeros residentes en la ciudad de Panamá.


Además ofrecemos capacitación y otro tipo de oportunidades a nuestros instructores. En vez de aprender español en España, nosotros pretendemosproveer, tanto a los americanos como a los europeos, una opción más asequible para aprender español en forma eficiente y divertida. Somos la mejor oferta enPanamá. Una vez más: envíe su currículum (hoja de vida) a…

Spanish Teachers Wanted in Panama City

– At Spanish Panama we have discovered something new; that Panamanians have a very good capability to teach Spanish to Panama’s expat community, and we may also call it a “natural gift” if you may. Spanish Panama’s goal is to make Panama a major global center for this new service industry and provide the country with an extra source of income.

Se necesitan Maestros de Español

Se necesitan profesores de Español para dictar clases de español a extranjeros residentes en la Ciudad de Panamá.

At SpanishPanama, we hire the most talented Spanish teachers in Panama and from other Spanish countries. We are always looking for dynamic, professional, and motivated people to teach Spanish. We are investing in the development of our staff because we want to be sure to offer the best services to our students. At SpanishPanama:

– You will work in a rich cultural environment
– You will be sure to get all the tools you need to succeed
– You are always encouraged to go further in one of the BEST Spanish schools in America
– You will have access to teacher training and professional development
– You will be happy at what you do!
To be part of the SpanishPanama team is a great experience! Please send your resumé to

Our Spanish instructors are outgoing, polite, sociable, cultured, loyal, well educated, and qualified to teach Spanish to our diverse student population. To teach Spanish at Spanish Panama you must have an interest in demonstrating the best of Panamanian values and culture. Do not hesitate to contact our school for an interview.

Instead of learning Spanish in Spain or elsewhere in Latin America we are also geared to providing not only Americans but also Europeans and Asians with more affordable options to learn Spanish. We show the best that Panama has to offer. Again, please email us your curriculum to

Spanish teacher training workshops in Panama City

Educators wishing to participate in these workshops may contact our Spanish language school in Panama City.