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Special hotel deals in El Cangrejo, Panama City

El Cangrejo is one of Panama City’s most lively and famous neighbourhoods, and it’s also where our school is located. SpanishPanama language school has researched special hotel deals in El Cangrejo for students and visitors, with info below.

 Joseph Ennis the director of The Spanish Panama School gives you more background on Hotel deals in El Cangrejo



Courtyard Panama Real Hotel


Via Israel Multiplaza Pacific Mall


Courtyard Panama Real Hotel is the upscale hotel right beside the upscale mall, Multiplaza, of Panama City, and just down the road (100 yards) from the upscale hospital, John Hopkins. Panama City is really moving in the league of world class cities. Marriott hotel is located a 10 minute taxi ride from Spanish Panama. (Hotel deals in El Cangrejo from $145.00) 


(507)-301 0101






Calle 52 Y Ricardo Arias B. Vista


– This Marriott is classy inside and closer to where the action is in the Center. This is an interesting walk from Spanish Panama of less than 20 minutes. The health club and swimming pool are some of the best around and good places to buy monthly passes if you stay long term in Panama. Out the front door is Havana Club and walk to the right and up the road crossing Via España to get into El Cangrejo, where Spanish Panama is located. The casino here looks like something out of Las Vegas. (hotel deals in El Cangrejo – From $159.00) 


“As cosmopolitan as the city surrounding it, the Marriott Panama City Hotel offers the elegance, outstanding service and amenities that you’d expect from a luxury Panama City hotel.” 





DUE TO OPEN 2011 next to the existing Marriot


Renaissance Hotel is owned by Marriott Hotel Chain, which is currently tripling its empire in Panama City. This is a sign of this growing and vibrant city.

– Recreational amenities will include an 8,000-square foot spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center and a large outdoor swimming pool and deck area! A 15 minute walk to SpanishPanama.

“Stylish, distinctive hotels in some of the world’s most-exciting destinations.” 





(formerly Holiday Inn Panama City) 

Avenida Manuel Espinosa Batista



Crowne Plaza is on a busy street and if you go out the door, turn to the right and follow the street in front after a 10″ walk you will find Via Argentina, the great restaurant and nightlife street and location of SpanishPanama. Crowne Plaza is home to the Gamboa Tour company and Taca Airlines. “If you’re seeking hotels near the Panama Canal or near the banking area, they’re just minutes from both destinations”. 




53 Marbela & Ave 5A B South

The Sheraton Four Points is about a short walk away from the water. It is situated at the World Trade Center in Panama City and only a 20 minute walk from Spanish Panama language school. You go straight and come across Via España to finally hit Via Argentina, site of Spanish Panama and lots of nice cafes and restaurants. 


(507) 265-3636



Calle 49

El Cangrejo



Best Western Las Huacas Hotel And Suites is located in a charming building once owned by world boxer Roberto Duran. This is considered by many the best hotel service in Panama.

– If you go out the font door turning left you’ll pass La Jungla hostel and then after 5 minutes you’ll reach Via Argentina ….. take a right to get to SpanishPanama. 

– You can find us in “Cangrejo” recognized as a business and tourist area where you can be close to everything in Down Town. 


(507) 213 2222


Iglesia del Carmen

open Oct 2010 

– The Doubletree Hilton is only a 15 minute walk from Spanish Panama. 

A taxi will cost $2.00 for two people. 


(507) 21


Hotel Bristol – is quite posh and a 5 to 10 minute taxi ride to Spanish Panama. It’s often voted by Spanish Panama students as the best upscale service hotel in Panama “This boutique hotel is located in the heart of the bustling Financial Center, only minutes away from shopping centers, cultural attractions and nightlife.”


(507) 21

Finisterre Suites & Spa  a brand new boutique hotel with an immaculate view from the rooftop pool and it promises to be an adventure. It’s located at Via España and Calle Colombia (not far from Frederico Boyd). 

– This is a $1.50 taxi ride to your Spanish Panama classes on Via Argentina. 


(507) 21

Toscana Inn Hotel, Calle D, Via España, El Cangrejo 

Highly Recommended, $100 inc breakfast 

The newly built Toscana Inn is one of the nicest in the epicenter of a one block radius which boasts nine competing hotels.Toscana is an excellent location for international restaurants, cafes, English and Spanish cinema, park, casinos, bars, and 24 hour supermarket & eating establishments. The Toscana Inn hotel knows it and, as its web page states; “Located in the heart of El Cangrejo, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of the city, where everything is closer and more accessible such as Restaurants, malls, banks, travel agencies, car rentals, beauty salon, office buildings, shops, casinos, bars, etc., everything you need just a few steps away.” 

This hotel is about a pleasant 7-10 minute walk from Spanish Panama. This gets good reviews on the Tripadvisor hotel reviews 

(507) 265-0018


10% off


Hotel Milan – Av. Eusebio A. Morales 31 , El Cangrejo 

Milan hotel has good service and is one of the most economical of the nice hotels in the neighborhood of Spanish Panama. To get to our school just go left, down the road and take the first left over to Via Argentina. Then go left 2 blocks. no website 

(507) 263-6130

Sevilla Suites – Av. Eusebio A. Morales , El Cangrejo 

– It’s between Hotel Las Vegas and Hotel Milan, on the opposite side of street. “a good offer for business travelers in Panama. I stayed there three nights and paid below USD 100 per night for a very large room with kitchen and including breakfast” 


(507) 213-0016

El Parador – Av. Eusebio A. Morales, El Cangrejo 

$60 incl breakfast

– El Parador is also an economical stay and is right beside Hotel Milan. It has a nice pool on the roof and not a bad view. 

– less than a 10 minute walk to SpanishPanama. It’s web site is only in Spanish, so telephone for more info : they speak English 

– (507) 214-4586

also 87, 88

Coral Suites – Calle D, Via España, El Cangrejo

– Coral Suites Aparthotel is right beside Toscana Inn. They state; “We are located in the heart of the commercial and banking area of the country. We have 63 comfortable and fully equipped suites.”

– It’s real close to learn Spanish at SpanishPanma! 


(507) 269-2727

Suites Ambassador – Calle D, Via España, El Cangrejo

Suites Ambassador Apart Hotel is beside Coral Suites and Toscana Inn. One student studying at Spanish Panama said “the service was fantastic and the pool at the top of the hotel was to super, to die for” 

no website 


(507) 263-7274

Hotel Riande Granada – Eusebio A. Morales Street and Via España, El Cangrejo 

Hotel Granada sometimes has interesting alternative or jazz music in their lounge. 

– Go one block to Via Argentina and take a left for one long block and you are at Spanish Panama. 

Years ago students complained about their stay at this hotel so we can’t recommend it. If things change here please let us know. (507) 204-4473

Hotel Riande Continental – Via España and Ricardo Arias Street, El Cangrejo 

The intersection of Hotel Continental & Casino, many would argue, is the real center of Panama City. This is right on ViaEspaña, a $1.50 taxi ride (or 25 cents bus ride!) to the Colonial City. The Hotel Riande Continental & Casino is across the road from Hotel Panama and Mcdonalds.

– There’s a lot to see on the way to Spanish Panama which is about a 10 – 15 minute walk. There are big casinos at this hotel, or minutes away atMarriot hotel, Panama hotel, and Veneton hotel. 

– Some have found this hotel (more or less $160.00) expensive and it may be better to go to the many restaurants around Spanish Panama rather than eating here. Though some say the buffet breakfast is good. 


(507) 366-7810

Marbella – Calle D, Via España, El Cangrejo 

Hotel Marbella seems to attract lots of Brits. Service seems efficient. $65 This is right beside Coral Suites and a 7 to 10 minute walk from your classes at Spanish Panama. 

– Their web site states; Right in the heart of the city, surrounded by banks and selected stores, the hotel is located in one of the quietest areas in Panama City. 

– It’s also possible to do great business transactions in the morning and to have lots of fun in the evening and night. 


(507) 263-2220

Hotel Veneto Casino – Calle Eusebio A. Morales, El Cangrejo 

across from the popular touristic Manolo Restaurant

– All these casinos (Hotel Continental, Hotel Marriot, Hotel Panama) have cheap beer and at different times there is great music. 

Hotel Veneto Casino is large and popular with “ladies of the night”. Nice swimming pool on the 7th floor. In front of Hotel Veneton is the famous tourist restaurant Manolos. Behind Restaurante Manolo there is a Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant where you can eat a filling 4 items and a soy soup for only $2.00! If you go out the front lobby of Veneton hotel and follow the road up to the left, and keep going past hotel Las Vegas and Hotel Torres de Alba walking another 5 minutes, you will find Spanish Panama school right beside Natasha’s Realty and at the corner of Via Argentina. 

(507) 340-8686

Las Vegas Hotel Suites – Calle Eusebio A. Morales, El Cangrejo 

Las Vegas hotel suites have the best Italian food in the City and right beside a real cool wine and cheese bar. Some nights there’s music with your wine and cheese. This is a favorite hangout for our students as it’s just down the road from our Spanish school, Spanish Panama. 

– Your famous Chef is Swiss-Panamanian Willy Diggelmann 

(507) 300-2020

Torres de Alba Hotel & Suites – Calle Eusebio A. Morales 55, El Cangrejo 

Torres de Alba Hotel and Suites has a pool and nice social area and is a bit more upscale than Hotel Las Vegas, just across the road. There’s a popular internet café on the same corner. It costs around $100 a night. This gets good reviews on the Trip Advisor Hotel 

(507) 269-0722

El Panama 

Vía España 111

& Calle Eusebio A. Morales

El Cangrejo 

El Panama or Hotel Panama is right on the corner of Via España behind McDonalds. This historical hotel had its view blocked by the too large Hotel Veneton. However now it is newly renovated with its own modern casino. It has salsa dancing and salsa bands on the weekends.

– This is a 10 to 15 minute walk to your Spanish language school. This has complimentary shuttle service from the Tocumen International Airport PTY to the hotel. 


(507) 215-9000