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Spanish Group class or 1 to 1 lessons

Is it better to learn Spanish with a Spanish Group Class or 1 to 1 lessons? The answer usually depends upon the student. At Spanish Panama we have options to suit all needs.

Spanish Group Class has the advantage that it helps you get to know other students, and learn in a more social atmosphere. It’s a great way to learn – but some students prefer/need a more customised learning experience 1 to 1.

For individualized programs, Spanish Panama is one of the foremost schools in Latin America due to the school’s strict emphasis in focusing on student learning styles and personalized instruction. If you choose “1 to 1 Customized classes” please tell us more about how you would like your classes. It would be helpful to know how you were/are in school as a student, do you think you have a knack for languages, are you a visual learner, an auditory learner, do you need to write everything to remember, would you like more relaxed on-site practice in the neighborhood with your teachers, what are your reasons for learning Spanish, etc. Think about what you would like your teachers to know about you before you arrive. 

Jerry Peek’s Notes on Latin American Spanish schools state: 

“Private vs. group: 

Many schools are one-on-one, where each student has his or her own instructor; others have small (or large) classes. The advantage of a private class is that the instructor can go at exactly the pace you need — which is important if you already know some Spanish (and especially important, I think, if you learned your Spanish on the street rather than by learning its formal grammar and sentence structure). A small-group session has its advantages, though, because you can practice with other people, hear their questions (and the answers), and make more friends” 

At SpanishPanama we give you the best of 2 options!