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Learn Spanish – intensive program with Panama tours and extras…

Learn Spanish- intensive program with Panama tours and extras…

One of our most popular Spanish  immersion programs in Panama City consists of doing an Intensive Spanish course from Monday to Thursday (4 hours a day). This can be taken as “1 to 1” classes or small group Spanish classes. With either one of these Spanish courses you have the option of an additional 12 hours of private classes with flexible scheduling for just $200.00 extra.  The “Intensive Spanish courses” also includes an airport pickup, Panama city tour, salsa dance classes, and assistance with hotel or accommodations, as well as a good lawyer reference for those interested in the “Panama visa”.

As well as the “Our Programs” page please see our “Panama tours” page if you would like to get to know as much of Panama City and its surroundings in as short a time as possible with excursions in the afternoons for just about every day ($220.00 extra per person) that you are here. For newcomers in Panama and international travelers alike, SpanishPanama is your best first step to knowing the country and Panama culture.


Intensive Spanish program with “1 to 1” Spanish classes as addtional option


Drive to beautiful Panamanian town of Gamboa, and Gamboa Resort, adjacent to the Panama Canal. Excursions 5 days a week.

Panama E_Same Universal (1)                                                                        Views of city

CanaldePanama (1)                                                                 Panama Canal

Escuela Panamá en la ciudad de Panamá                                                        Personalized Spanish classes

See Our Programs and the Tours Panama page for more info, and enroll.