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Spanish Beginners vocabulary

Learning Spanish, starting out with a Spanish Beginners Vocabulary, you’ll find that you will be able to recognize quite a lot of words in Spanish already, because 20% are very similar to English

This is from some material, a Spanish beginners vocabulary that I made for teaching Spanish speakers English.

– Remember pronouciation is different as Spanish has completely regular pronouciation and look for the patterns in Spanish like “a” at the end if feminine words and “o” or “e” at the end of masculine words and “tion” becoming “cíon” 

Stew Green


List of Words the same in Spanish and English



written same   no accent  
 actor  color  gas  material   area  conclusion   consul  
 animal  doctor  general  motor    bus  religion melon  
 auto  familiar  hospital   original  
 capital  personal  hotel  simple one consonant  
 central  probable  humor  terrible  antenna  intelligible impossible  possible  
 cereal  regular  idea  total annual  occasion intellectual  professional
 chocolate   similar     usual commercial  official  
taxi  radio alcohol  
no vowel at end in English   f=ph  
 list  liquid  cost restaurant  phrase  physical   telephone       
 map  porter  part music j=x      
 problem  product  press  rob  execute  exercise   example  fix      
end vowel changes to “e”   ia, io -> e      
 cause   practice  favorite  tube  absence  difference   distance  service      
 figure   rose  minute  use  experience  notice  justice  guarantee      
 medicine   state  note  style   police   commerce  silence      
to move adhesive      
o,u -> ou   t -> th      
 hour  mountain  announce  soup  author authority  sympathy       
 court  announce  sound  found theatre  theory      
c or qu = k or ck   z ->ce      
 frank  sack  park  attack  commence  race  force      
ia,ia -> y   i -> y      
 company  family  history    style  mystery  system      
 secretary   remedy  territory   rhythm      
 automobile   special  question type  cigar school  college  university      
 origin bank  bicycle   to catch towel  cocaine   heroin  marijuana       
cigarette  to paint   to count  train  air force castle  fort  miltary      
tomato potato motorbike  spagetti to constuct  to cut centre      
banana  television  hamburger  vinegar vacation equal president      
imported fom other languages      
pasta folder  fax bus ferryboat      
Some of the first words you need.                    
English Spanish understand    basic conversation       
hello etc hi, how are, fine bye name my your his      
I, you, we, they he, she, it   her its  our  their       
yes good no bad married brothers and sisters       
  children how old      
numbers 1  basic verbs   classroom words personal  question words      
help want learn class   mother do      
to be give start class room    father  does      
the walk stop teacher    brother  what      
a like _ing student     sister  how long      
from drink ed pen   son   how much      
not eat  was pencil    daughter  how      
human have got were eraser    who      
girl go sleep chair   where      
boy see please table    today  which      
man look thankyou book    yesterday       
woman watch not paper    tomorrow  happy      
men come from do not white board    now sad      
women shower sleep folder   hot      
excuse me wash work  speak   short forms cold      
sorry clean live say   here basketball      
don’t  buy   talk    there      
understand sell  make talk to    this      
dog teach  do repeat    that      
cat difficult have got tell me    these      
fruit  easy  have a  listen    those      
food  big  think write      
happy  small  know  look      
sad  cheap  know about be quiet !      
husband  expensive    sorry      
wife  _er   read aloud       
single  more   how do you say      
married _est   think      
water   fast   sit down      
bread  quick   show me      
 milk  slow   please repeat that      
beer  interesting       
to sort boring      
 sort   church pray      
  altar priest      
  work my work      



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