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60 Things to See and Do in Panama

You could easily spend 2 weeks in Panama City visiting the sights, historic buildings, Panama Viejo (the first ruined city), the Panama Canal, jungle walkways, beaches and tropical islands and sailing down the Panama canal from Pacific to Atlantic.  Here at Spanish Panama Language School we’ve compiled a list of things to see and do in Panama. You can also check out some interesting facts about Panama here

 See huge ships come through the Miraflores Locks ..Panama Canal visitors center

  Take a 10 minute taxi ride for $2.00-$3.00 to the Colonial City, markets, gift shops, old buildings and character 

  •  Old Town, Colonial Quarter Walking Tour 
  •  Archaeological museum 
  •  Pedestrian Shopping Mall and Markets
  •  Independance Square 
  •  The Canal Museum
  •  History museum 
  •  Old Buildings, now new nightclubs and cafes 
  •  Panama Invasion relics 
  •  Ancient French Fortress 
  •  President’s Palace 
  •  Modern Art Museum 


 Old City Ruins (destroyed by Captain Morgan’s invasion) and Craft Market ($2 by taxi to Cinco de Mayo), or the new one in Amador ($4 by taxi)


  •  The Causeway : 3Km long walking, park cafes’, Marinas (Yatcht Club), bars
  •  The Causeway : Smithsonian Marine Museum
  •  The Causeway : new Museum of Ecology
  •  Bridge of the Americas
  •  Beaches near the city such as Vera Cruz (20 minutes). Gorgona, Santa Clara, Coronado, Decameron, Palmar beaches are from 90 minutes to 2 hours away.


Panama Canal Zone : The old American Administration City

  •  Cerro de Ancon : views, nature, giant flag
  •  Balboa Town Old Buildings
  •  Panama Canal Building (amazing painted ceiling)
  •  The old Balboa High School now the ACP Technical Departments, it’s corridors are a museum and it has Panama’s best English Library 

 Gamboa Area

  •  The Botanical Gardens and mini Zoo
  •  Gamboa Rainforest : Jungle waterfall walk 
  •  Gamboa Rainforest : The Tower for Birdwatching 
  •  Gamboa Resort Hotel : amazing hotel
  •  Gamboa Rainforest : Indigenous Island 
  •  Gamboa Rainforest : Pipeline Road : Some of the Worlds best Birdwatching

 More Jungle

  •  Camino de Las Cruces : ancient road through the jungle 
  •  Parque Metroplitano : Views and Jungle walking 2Km from Spanish Panama and $2 by taxi. The entrance fee is now $2. 

 Taboga Island and beach. Take the boat from Amador. It’s about $12 return.


  •  Lake Fishing – guaranteed to catch 
  •  Big Game fishing 

 Caribbean Coast Tour

  •  Take the Tourist Train along the canal and through the Jungle to Colon 
  •  Take a cruise on the Panama Canal 
  •  Crew on a yacht down the Panama Canal 
  •  Waterpark 
  •  Fort San Lorenzo 
  •  Colon City : Duty Free Shopping Zone 
  •  Portobello old town 
  •  Diving 
  •  Other Caribbean Island and surfing beach


Spanish Panama’s Neighbourhood

  •  Restaurants and eateries at least 50 within walking distance
  •  Bars and Clubs : 20-30 including 4 on Via Argentina and the Karaoke bar next to the park
  •  Casinos : Crown has Free Shows and beer for $1, and cheap food
  •  Hang Out in The Sidewalk cafes of our Paris like neighborhood
  •  Hang Out in the Park and watch the locals strolling
  •  Catch a movie at the nearby multiplex 
  •  Go and see an alternative film at the University of Panama Screen 10 minutes walk away
  •  Pop into one of the nearby internet cafes and email the friends back in the cold countries. 
  •  Work on your Spanish talk to the grandfather selling bananas from his cart on the street 
  •  Catch a street Parade : for Carnival or other festivals 


Economical Healthcare :

  • Get your teeth fixed, or benefit from US trained surgeons our contacts
  •  Invest : Property Bargains 
  •  take a Latin Dance class..Free on Friday’s at our place !



  •  Shopping : heaps on Via Espana
  •  The luxury shopping Street near Sanctuario Nacional
  •  Old Town, markets and Machatazo the store with everything
  •  By bus to Albrook Mall
  •  15 minute walk to Paitilla Mall
  •  6 other malls in the suburbs


 Further: out of Town

  •  Cerro Azul, semi highland and waterfall walks
  •  West over the Bridge to fine sandy Pacific Beaches, golf clubs and resorts
  •  El Valle, fashionable 2nd home area, hot springs and hills
  •  Towards David, Bocas and Costa Rica


 CHILL on our balcony with a cocktail, as you’re on tropical time !