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Spanish Panama City Tours

We can set you up with all the spectacular Panama City Tours and Adventure Tours that you find available in Panama. First let us underline what is the  “Heart” of SpanishPanama:



Spanish Panama Spanish school tour

Spanish Panama Spanish school tour


Key to our success is that the teachers are chosen for the love of the Spanish language. This means they are highly motivated to share that with you.

Our 16 teachers will guide your language learning with 200+ years of teaching experience. In addition, their many and varied life experiences will also enhance your language and cultural training.

It cannot be emphasized enough that SpanishPanama is not what is called a “tour company disguised as a Spanish school” as you may find in many language schools in Central and South America.

SpanishPanama is unique amongst Spanish schools in Central America in that instructional international staff come to you from backgrounds in tourism, law, business, “pollera” dance, translation, and several have even written books of literature; they have worked in places such as the US Peace Corps, United Nations, and several universities.

This diverse mix makes them some of the most interesting and qualified teachers in Central America.  See also:

This being said, we can set you up with the spectacular adventure and city tours that Panama offers. Contact us!


Spanish Panama Tours - Toucan

 Experience ALL the sights of Panama on one of our one week excursion programs, at the best price you will find anywhere!

 As a student of Spanish Panama we want you to see BEST sights that Panama City has to offer. You may only be here a short while and want to make the most of your sight seeing time.  If you are taking Spanish classes each morning, our afternoon and weekend tours provide a great introduction to the sights of Panama City and its surrounding natural beauty, and are the perfect way to end your day.Cost:

  • The package is $250.00 per person per week.
  • Special Offer: book two weeks and we will discount your second week to $220.
Spanish Panama school Telephone: (+507) 213-3121  Email:
Students_Visit Tours Spanish Panama
 Metropolitan Park, Panama City

Students Mike Joseph Water Panama City tours

Panama Canal 

You´ll have the chance to experience some of Panama City’s most attractive places of cultural, historical, and touristic interest and also be able to practice the Spanish you´ve learned in class along the way!  This is a great way to supplement your Spanish classes with educational excursions to all the best sights in Panama.

Register using our ENROLLMENT FORM.  Spanish Panama school Telephone: (+507) 213-3121  Email:


 View of Panama City skyline

Panama City MCB Tours


We´ll make it easy for you to get around and see much of what Panama City has to offer.  You won´t have to go through the hassle of finding a taxi or tour agency to take you.  We´ll take you to see some of the most interesting cultural, historical, and modern places in Panama City as well as the best of jungle, beach, parks, and other natural wonders. 

Spanish Panama Tours

Presidential Palace Panama

templohindu Tours Spanish Panama

Hindu Temple Panama

templo bahai Panama Spanish tours

Bahai Temple Panama

SpanishPanama tours

                                             Colonial City, Casco Antiguo                                                                                         

 Spanish Panama Spanish School tours
                               Panama Canal’s “Miraflores locks”

Canal de Panama SpanishPanama Spanish classes tours


SpanishPanama Spanish courses tours

Causeway-Amador Panama


  • In the week you choose 4 of the following times/days: Monday to Friday 1:30pm to 4:30pm. Saturday or Sunday 9:00am to 12:00pm. Some flexibility may be required as there may be a longer excursion day of 6 hours intead of 2 shorter days.
  • Sights you will see include: the Panama Canal, the Panama Canal museum, Parque Omar, the National Library, the Metropolitian Park, Casco Antiguo (colonial city), Causeway-Amador, spectacular city views from Ancon Hill, Trump Towers and modern city, the Presidential Palace, 3-4 major Shopping Malls, Avenida Central, arts and crafts markets, Vera Cruz Beach, El Valle, Ave Balboa, Chilibri tour to Embera, Parque Soberana and Gamboa. Also, if you have a suggestion of any place you would like to see talk to the driver and he may take you there, depending on driver’s discretion.

There are lots of “things to do in Panama”. Here are some good suggested tour days:

1 Panama Canal Museum, Reprosa Jewellery store, Ruben Blades House, View of Panama City skyline, Presidential Palace, Plaza Bolivar, Cathedral, Carlos Weil’s Art gallery,  in the “Old City” Casco Antiguo  One day that was/is 5-6 hours Museo de Canal, Reprosa jewellery store, casa de Ruben Blades, View of Panama City skyline, Presidential Palace, Plaza Bolivar, Las Bovedas (dungeons), (Simon) Bolivar Park, “Old City” Casco Antiguo, mardado de Mariscos (seafood market) China town, and “what is” Terraplén.  (5-6 hours)

2 Hindu Temple of Panama and The Bahai Temple, Pricemart, El Dorado Mall, and Las Mercedes (2-3 hours)   3 The French, American, and Canal cementaries. Pedro Miguel Locks, Parque Summit (Zoo in Soberania Park), Gamboa Resort, the house where Noriega was imprisoned, and dropping you off at Restaurante Roberto Duran (World Boxer), or Del Prado, or Trapiche (best Panamanian food) (4-5 hours)

3 South Corredor to Panama La Vieja, RUINAS and perhaps the museum,   the modern area of Punta Pacifica, Multiplaza, TrumpTowers, Avenida Balboa and Cinta Costera, Multicentro, Calle Uruguay, and on to the Fish Market.

4 Causeway-Amador Panama, Panama Arts and Crafts Market, Museo de Diversidad, and the restaurant at the beach for lunch or dinner ((3-5 hours)

5 Another optional day: Visit to indigenous village where they do a dance and snack for tourists.(5-6 hours)

 If there is anything special you would like to see…let us know!

Spanish Panama school Telephone: (+507) 213-3121  Email:

Student and professor Spanish Panama tours
Market SpanishPanama tours
 Panama salsa classes                                                                                                                        










Panama Arts and Crafts


Things to note:

  • Cost does not include sight entrance fees or tours (we can assist you with finding the best prices possible at the sight so that you do not over-pay)
  • Packages must be paid in advance prior to your arrival in Panama, or at the latest, one week before the start of your Spanish program.
  • Due to time restrictions, we are unable to visit all the sights listed above in just one week.  If you book two weeks of sight seeing, you´ll see them all.
Panama La Vieja                                                        
Ruinas Panama tours SpanishPanamaParque Natural Metropolitano SpanishPanama Language School tours















Summit Park Panama  (Parque Summit)

bahia de panama Spanish Panama School tours

                                                                                   Panama skyline


Additional support offered:

We can also help you to find the best prices for other services such as the Power Club gym just two blocks from SpanishPanama, or hotels near Spanish Panama.

CASCO VIEJO SpanishPanama tours“Old City” Casco ViejoGamboa Spanish Panama Language School tours

Panama Gamboa

Casco Viejo learn Spanish in Panama - tours

 Colonial City, “Casco Antiguo”

Universidad Panama SpanishPanama tours

“University of Panama” near Spanish school

Universidad Panama - SpanishPanama Language School tours

Close to your Spanish Classes, Universidad de Panama

Universidad Panama - tours with SpanishPanama Language School

University of Panama entrance

reprosa SpanishPanama tours


Huaca-Frog-Set - SpanishPanama Language School tours





Reprosa of Panama

Reprosa - tours with SpanishPanama Language School

   Panama E_Same Universal - tours SpanishPanama

Panama Trump Towers Punta Pacifica

Panama Canal Building SpanishPanama School tours

Administration Building of Panama Canal

cintacostera - SpanishPanama tours

Avenida Balboa Cinta Costera Panama

CascoVIEJO - SpanishPanama Language School tours







Casco Viejo

casco viejo - Spanish classes SpanishPanama tours


causeway amador- SpanishPanama language classes tours

Panama’s Causeway


SpanishPanama tours

Panama’s Indigenous Indians


SpanishPanama Language School tours

Panama Gamboa Resort

Spanish Classes at SpanishPanama - tours


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