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Learning at SpanishPanama compared to other countries 

Studying Spanish Abroad in Panama is the best idea!

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Hey! Its a  vacation, rather than just studying.  Learning Spanish in a   Spanish speaking country   is so much easier than slaving away at books (or online Spanish programs) in your own country. The atmosphere and the fact that real Spanish is all around constantly give you cues you can see the shop signs etc.  The presence of   cultural   things like Latin dance and   Panama sights   lets you really enter the spirit of the Spanish language.

Written by Stew Green who has lived in 6 Latin countries and visited more than 130 other countries in the world!

As if those points aren’t enough to convince you that Panama is the best place to learn Spanish, let’s compare learning Spanish in Panama to learning Spanish abroad in some other countries around the world ….

The US, Canada, Australia & the UK For Learning Spanish

  1. These are not a Spanish speaking countries so there are no clues from the environment to help you learn.
  2. It’s too easy to drop back into speaking English instead of forcing yourself into speaking Spanish.
  3. You would miss the culture and the daily living & feeling of the Spanish language if you learn in these countries.
  4. These countries are much more expensive than Panama.

Spanish schools in Spain 

Spain is, of course, the home of the Spanish language and has all the history and culture, but …

  1. Since adopting the Euro it’s become more expensive.  And Latin America is growing exponentially socially and economically while Spain’s growth remains zero to slow.
  2. For North Americans and Canadians it’s a long and costly flight to Spain.
  3. Remember Spain has 4 main languages; if you go in a bar in other areas other than the Center and the South and you’re likely to hear people speaking a language other than Spanish. There are about 10 times more speakers of Latin American Spanish than the kind of Spanish spoken in Spain.
  4. Unlike Panama, mainland Spain doesn’t have a comfortable year round climate. Winter can be bitter whilst the summer is often overbearingly hot and dry.

Spanish schools in Costa Rica

  1. Costa Rica is popular with Americans and has in some areas developed a two tier industry where visitors and Costa Ricans stay apart.  You can often observe instances where 2 restaurants are side by side, and the Costa Ricans go in one and the foreigners go in the “gringo restaurant” next door (and pay double (or triple!) the price).
  2. Costa Rica has become more and more expensive, and is now one of the most expensive countries of Central America.
  3. The level of safety in Costa Rica is lower than Panama, foreginers often struggle with the lack of security.

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Spanish schools in Cuba

  1. The Cuban accent is very strong and not as clear as other Spanish speakers, which makes it more difficult to listen and learn from.
  2. It’s not illegal to visit as you might have heard, but there are problems with basic infrastructure and this can add to the challenges of being in a foreign country, and learning a new language.
  3. It ‘s now relatively expensive.

Spanish schools in Venezuela 

  1. The Venezuelan accent is not as clear as other Spanish speakers, which makes it more difficult to listen and learn from.
  2. There is a serious lack of safety in this country
  3. Prices have come down, but there is lack of basic products in the country
  4. The political situation is still in turmoil. Venezuelans have been leaving Venezuela and many live in Panama City, especially in the area of Spanish Panama (by the way, these Venezuelans bring a great positive energy to El Cangrejos Via Argentina SpanishPanama area).

Spanish schools in Chile and Argentina 

  1. These countries are not cheap and prices are rising
  2.  It´s a long and costly flight from North America, Canada or Europe to these countries
  3.  The climate can be challenging, as the winters are quite cold in most parts
  4.  Argentina is unstable due to many protests, and the political situation is in constant turmoil

Spanish schools in Mexico For Learning Spanish

Mexican Spanish is popular and is the form used in most TV soap operas. It is a continent rather than a country, but infrastructure largely resembles the US.

  1.  You do not want to be close to the US border because it can be dangerous
  2.  If you fly into Mexico City it means you have a polluted city of 32 million people to deal with.
  3.  Cancun has direct flights from the US, but is largely a gringo tourist resort area, and is expensive.
  4. In the rest of the Yucatan Pennisula, people’s native language is Mayan (Mexico has 30 languages)

The Inca Countries : Peru, Bolivia Ecuador For Learning Spanish

  1. These countries have strong differences in climates, it is not nice and warm year around in many areas (as it is in Panama)
  2.  95% of the people are great; but you will have to watch out for the small percentage of people who are professional thieves.
  3.  These countries are better suited to the experienced Spanish speaker rather than the novice.

Spanish schools in Central America : Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua For Learning Spanish

  1. The civil wars and military dictatorships are now over, but   there are still major safety concerns.
  2.  All these countries need massive ugrading in infrastructure.
  3.  These countries are better suited to the hardcore traveler who has experience of the Spanish language.

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SpanishPanama in Panama City is your best choice for learning Spanish!

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