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FAQ’s studying Spanish in Panama


FAQ: How do I get to the Albrook Terminal? Where can I change money? post office? the bar? the Embassy? airline?

How do I go to the Airport? 

remember Albrook Airport for local flights and Tocumen 30Km out of town for International

Tocumen International Airport TIA 

option 1 – Drop Off service – Ask we’ll have someone drop you off, there maybe a charge 

option 2 – taxi $15 or cheaper (if you haggle) 

option 3  bus Via Espana is one way so you’ll have to walk or take a taxi to Calle 50 to the bus stop. (see the map) It is better to take a bus that says “Corredor” as it is much faster (75 cents) 25 minutes.


Tourist Info? 8 minutes walk away outside the Continental Hotel on Via Espana



You walk out of our door down to the pavement cafes on Via Argentina. 2 blocks left and you would be on the cities main road the Via Espana just across it you would find a multiplex cinema and a little further down El Rey the 24 Hour Supermarket (The smaller supermarket Casa Del Carne is quicker for small amounts of shopping). There are convenience stores at the end of our street and another more friendly and cheaper behind.


How do I get Cheap Air Tickets? – Try


Where can I change money? The US dollar is the official currency. Other currencies can be changed at the banks nearby


How do I get to Albrook Terminal? 60% of buses will go there. Take one on Via Espana or take a taxi if you are in a hurry


Where’s the post office? On the ground floor across the footbridge from El Rey supermarket 


Ruined City walk to calle 50 and take a bus or take a taxi 

Sports bar .. in the Casino covers most major events 

Ladies Night Thursday night free sangria at Branigans 

Clubs : various : One large one in Paitilla and others in the calle Uruguay night. One behind the Continental Hotel has a popular ladies night on Thursdays


Where to Eat : 100s of restaurants of every kind : Nikos, Vegetarian, Argentinean Pizza



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Moving On Panama City lies at the beginning or end of the Gringo Trail .. stretching through Central America up to the USA. (as you move north the countries become less advanced until you are into Mexico) Further south lies Columbia and South America but, the jungle is impenetrable; so you would have to take a plane or boat..


To the north the road takes you up past beaches to El Valle (3.5 hours), and David (6 hours) (Purple House Backpackers Tel : 507-774-4059). There the Road splits in 3 one going up the East Coast to Panama’s Caribbean beach islands of Bocas Del Toro, another up to the cool coffee mountains of Boquete (Momentum B&B Cabins Tel : +507-720-4385) and the third road up into the West Coast of Costa Rica. It is possible to come all the way from Costa Rica’s East or West coast in one day or even San Jose on a night bus. Also flights are available from all places (including a $24 flight from Bocas del Toro if you reserve early, with a student card).