El Cangrejo: The best neighborhood in Panama City

Via Argentina, El Cangrejo, Panama City: our neighborhood is an excellent location in Panama City’s center with more than 40 international and gourmet restaurants, cafes – bakeries, real estate agencies, apartment rentals, travel agencies, car rentals, internet cafes, and major international and boutique hotels and casinos. SpanishPanama has partner hotels, B&B’s, guesthouses, as well as homestays for Spanish students in El Cangrejo.

There are at least 25 international restaurants within just 2 blocks of Spanish Panama, a nice active and friendly community park called Andrés Bello, bookstores, English-Spanish cinema at the university, shops and much more. This is where you want to be to begin your exploration of Panama City and this rapidly changing country. There are major movie theaters and malls just 10 minutes by taxi, around $2.00.

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In our local neighborhood ¨El Cangrejo¨

The distances to many places of interest from SpanishPanama are short-less than a 10″ walk, but many times just seconds away.  You will find :

  • Many accommodation options to suit ALL budgets.
  • NOTE: If you happen to be staying at one of Panama’s finest hotels you are likely just a 3-5 minute walk from us. Ask the hotel receptionist and they will point the way to SpanishPanama, Via Argentina.
  • cinemas and theatres with shows/films in English and Spanish
  • bookstores like Excedra Books (Via Brazil), Educa (Via España) and Gran Morrison (Via España by El Rey) with both Spanish and English books.
  • high schools, pre-kinder, and primary schools, and universities such as the University of Panama (an entrance to this public university is on Via Argentina, 2 blocks up from SpanishPanama). There are numerous private colleges and universities in El Cangrejo.
  • internet cafes, sports clubs, casinos and video arcades
  • medical clinics (with English and Spanish speaking doctors)
  • a 24-hour king-size supermarket and 24-hour restaurants
    • There is a jungle national park, “Metropolitan Park,” and this is one of the only jungle parks within an actual city  in the Americas. Called “Parque Metropolitano” in Spanish, it is only a 10 minute taxi ride from SpanishPanama. Enjoy this city view from the top after a 45 minute hike up from the entrance! But imagine that only 10 years ago this was a pure ocean view:



El Cangrejo is, by far, the best neighbourhood in the country so throughout this Spanish course, if you are staying at further away places in Panama City, you may want to arrive early or stay later and visit the El Cangrejo neighbourhood’s numerous cafes and bakeries, restaurants, theatres, cines, pubs, parks etc.. Classmates sometimes decide to do just that! Many others love it so much they just decide to live here.

Telephone: (+507) 213-3121  Email: info@spanishpanama.com

SpanishPanama is right in the middle of EL Cangrejo, on Via Argentina, just below Cabeza Einstein (Einstein head statue).

This area has been compared to a U.S. or European City, yet the jungle is only minutes away !

El Cangrejo is the only neighborhood in Panama City where you do not really need a car to get around as everything is so conveniently located!  And people who stay here often decide to make El Cangrejo’s fashionable Via Argentina their second home.

Multicultural: It’s not only a very popular neighborhood with Americans but also a favorite with Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Asians, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Colombians, Spanish, and you can make friends with people from all over the world.

There are many supermarkets in the district, one called El Rey on Via España is even open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as are some restaurants such as Del Prado (Via Argentina) and Niko’s café (meat and potatoes style beside El Rey supermarket). There is a “Pricesmart” on Via Brasil and a “Mega Depot” on Transismica, both just a 5 minute taxi ride (less than $2). There is now a “Casa de la Carne” supermarket 7 doors up from SpanishPanama. Check out the best fruit and veggies in the Panama City center at “Fruteria Mimi” just across the road from the front door of SpanishPanama.

The Albrook Airport (for local flights) is less than a $3 taxi fare and less than 15 minutes ride from Spanish Panama. The Tocumen International Airport (PTY) is about 30Km from Spanish Panama and most SpanishPanama programs include airport pickup service. The biggest mall in Central America (Albrook Mall) is connected to Albrook national bus terminal and the Albrook Metro Subway station and is also a short taxi ride  to the Albrook domestic airport. The Albrook Mall now has a Tryp Hotel inside of it. Some Spanish Panama Spanish students like to stay at “The Tryp” hotel as it gives them close access via the Via Argentina metro subway right to Spanish Panama school.

Here’s the entrance of the Tryp from Albrook Mall. So Tryp hotel becomes a great place to stay for families with children, or tourists who want to shop, and have great convenience. Walking throught the entire mall could take an hour. Last we heard people taking cruises in the Caribbean wouldn’t spend their money at the other ports in other countries as they found the best prices and deals at Albrook Mall.  Real nice…..


This is the vibrating heart of Panama city! 

El Cangrejo - Spanish Panama

Convenient Access to the best that Panama City has to offer!
Panama’s best and safest street: Via Argentina!
Safe to walk around at night, it is only a 25c bus ride or a $3 taxi ride from the Colonial City (Casco Antiguo). The Jungle Park (Parque Metropolitano is less than $3 by taxi. Four of the major shopping malls are also about $3 away by taxi. Two of them, Multiplaza and Multicentro, are about a 30 minute walk. 

El Cangrejo Afternoon & Evening Meals range in price from as low as $4 (vegetarian meals with 4 items), to some $5 eateries, and then on to a diverse range of international restuarants with meals from $10.00 to $80.00. El Cangrejo has restaurants from every country you can imagine.

 Telephone: (+507) 213-3121  Email: info@spanishpanama.com

SpanishPanama’s neighborhood: El Cangrejo… some things to do…

– Eat at local and international restaurants at least 50 within walking distance
– Go to Bars and Clubs: 20-30 including 8 right on Via Argentina and the Karaoke bar next to the Park
– Casinos: Crown has Free Shows and beer for $1, and cheap food
– Hang Out in The Sidewalk cafes of our Paris like neighborhood
– Hang Out in the Park and watch the locals strolling
– Catch a movie at one of the nearby cinemas
– Go and see an alternative film at the University of Panama Screen “Cine Universitario” 10 minute walk away
– Pop into one of the nearby internet cafes such as New York Bagels and email the friends back in the cold countries
– Work on your Spanish- talk to the grandfather selling bananas from his cart on the street corner near Del Prado restaurant
– Catch a street Parade: The Carnival or other festivals

Further – Out of Town

– Cerro Azul, semi highland and waterfall walks
– West over the Bridge to fine sandy Pacific Beaches, golf clubs and resorts
– El Valle, fashionable 2nd home area, hot springs and hills
– Towards David, Bocas Del Torro and Costa Rica

El Cangrejo - Spanish PanamaEl Cangrejo - Spanish PanamaEl Cangrejo - Spanish PanamaEl Cangrejo - Spanish PanamaEl Cangrejo - Spanish Panama


El Cangrejo - Spanish Panama
El Cangrejo - Spanish Panama











(If you would also like to immerse in the Spanish language please see Spanish Immersion and Student Accommodations programs)



Contact us at telephone: (+507) 213-3121  Email: info@spanishpanama.com

We are right on Via Argentina and Erick del Valle in El Cangrejo, Panama City. We are steps down from “Cabeza Einstein” or the “Eintein’s Head” statue, as well as a few doors down from New York Bagels. We are just across the road from Subway restaurant and the Grand International Hotel. We are about 50 steps past both the community park of Andres Bello and the SABA Hotel on Via Argentina