Contact SpanishPanama

SpanishPanama is located on Via Argentina, El Cangrejo (Down from New York Bagels and across from Subway Restaurant), right at the corner of Erick del Valle. You’ll see our big sleek sign over our social area from anywhere in that interesting and busy intersection.

Our Mailing Address is: 0823-04721 As the postal service in Panama is not so efficient we recommend using DHL, American Express or other carriers for delivering packages to Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Our telephone number is (+507) 213-3121

Now that the new Metro Subway system is finished in Panama there are more ways to find us and get to and from your Spanish classes. For example SpanishPanama students staying in Bella Vista or Casco Viejo, can now walk to the “Cinco de Mayo” metro station and get off just 2 stops, right at Via Argentina. SpanishPanama is just 2 blocks up Via Argentina from there. Get out of the Metro on the escalator side that says “Via Argentina”. If you are living or staying around Albrook you may take the metro at Albrook Mall and reach SpanishPanama in only 20 minutes!